Varun Kapur

Former World No.1 in U19 Boys Singles India No.5 in Men's Singles

Being at the academy for nine years has been a transformative journey. Throughout this time, the coaches have played a crucial role in refining my badminton techniques, offering valuable insights that enhanced my game. Regular practice not only strengthened my physical abilities but also ingrained a sense of discipline and perseverance. In navigating the highs and lows of competition, I’ve learned that setbacks are stepping stones to success. The academy provided an environment where every win and loss became a valuable lesson, promoting not just athletic prowess but also a mindset that embraces challenges. Beyond the court, the friendships with fellow players has created lasting bonds, turning teammates into lifelong friends who’ve been there through the victories and defeats, making this nine-year journey not just about badminton but a experience of growth, resilience, and lasting relations.